NetPicks: Marketable Advice

Netpicks is a trading company that has been in the markets for more than twenty years. The company headquarters is located in Irving, Texas. The mission of NetPicks is to be able to guide traders to make the best decisions for their portfolios. The staff will help traders figure out how far they want to go in the current market and figure out the best way to achieve that goal. Netpicks also offers posts on their website for traders to take a look at certain stocks. In a recent article, they took a look at Netflix.

Netflix is a stock that has really taken off in the first couple of months of this year. Netpicks advises buying the stock in the short-term rather than long-term. The reason is that if a stock is invested in too much the price could fall drastically and the stock would be worthless. Now, Netpicks offers traders some advice in the Forex markets. Here are some terms to keep in mind.

The first term is called Pip or price interest point. The term simply refers to a gain or a loss in the market. A pip equals one basis point when a currency pair is placed to the fourth decimal place.

The second term is called a bid price. This is another simple term in that it refers to the price that buyers want to pay for a currency pair and that can vary on the pairs being offered at that particular time.

A third term to remember is called the ask price. This term is specifically for those who want to buy a currency pair on the market. People who are new to the Forex market should keep in mind that bid prices and ask prices constantly shift on the trading blocks.

A fourth and final term to keep in mind is called the spread. The spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price. In the specific Forex market, the difference is measured by pips.

Netpicks can help guide those who are new to the market get off to a good start (

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