Netpicks Offers Ingenious Trading Strategy For Choppy Summer Months

The summer trading months can be the most unpredictable time in the trading year. In fact, there is a good reason people on Wall Street like to “sell in May and go away.” Netpicks, however, has a clever trading strategy that can allow you to trade during the choppy summer months.

In a recent article featured on Marketwatch, this summer trading strategy is known as the “Lock and Walk.” In particular, this strategy is designed to work with the support and resistance levels of the Nasdaq 100. Netpicks will be using the ProShares UltraLong QQQ ETF (QLD) and the ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF (QID) as a way to trade the strategy.

The strategy works as follows: If support is tested by QLD ETF, target resistance to sell. If support breaks, then sell the QLD ETF. On the other hand, if resistance is tested by QID ETF, target support to sell. If resistance breaks, then sell the QID ETF.

The rule itself is rather simple. You are simply taking advantage of big upside resistance breaks in the Nasdaq 100 by buying the leveraged long shares. If the Nasdaq 100 breaks through support levels, then you buy the leverage short shares. If the Nasdaq stays within its support and resistance levels, then simply sit on the sidelines and wait.

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Netpicks provides trading strategies that are easy to understand and simple enough for the novice trader to execute on their own accounts. Netpicks also offers video trading for those who want to learn more advanced trading strategies.  Learn from their tutorials, visit their page.

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There is no reason to fear the choppy summer trading months. By following a proven trading strategy, with a strict trading discipline, one can thrive in the most unpredictable of markets. Read blogs, click on this useful link.

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