NewsWatchTv – SteelSeries Review

SteelSeries decided to form a television program to help promote their global headphone and electronics firm. Sr. Director of Marketing at SteelSeries, Tori Pugliese had an informative review to share based on her team’s experience with NewsWatchTv. Her relationship with NewsWatch started in 2013, in which the cast made understanding Public Relations and SMT process very easy in delivering a message that would allow consumers to toggle through their own profound personal knowledge and experience within their own network. The collaboration and marketing strategies provided quality along with their social media being linked, allowing their viewer’s easy access with just a click of the button.

In addition, Tori explain that the experience was evenly divided amongst with team and everyone got along well. This type of relationship delivers a positive message that you want the audience to capture while allowing them to have fun and seam through SteelSeries’s products. The business relationship that was formed during the making of the video review was completed in a short period. SteelSeries formally chose NewsWatch because the show typically deals with matters regarding electronics, fashion, and new products. Overall, Tori and her team were impressed with the production and communication outcome. The successful outcome of the program opened up more marketing a potential client growth for SteelSeries. Part of what leads to such a success was the trust that was built amongst both parties. The main objective of SteelSeries was to advertise and support their wide range of audiences and customer base and this collaboration brought their mission to the full front.


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