Nicolas Kraft in L’Oreal

Nicolas Kraft has had four previous jobs but is now working at L’Oreal as the VP Global Business Development. L’Oreal, Paris is an establishment that deals with fashion and beauty. Nicholas Kraft acquired managerial skills after finishing his studies at both the University of St. Gallen and INSEAD. He has acquired more skills over the years by working for L’Oreal at different executive positions.

 L’Oreal’s second annual fashion and beauty show is to be carried out on river Seine in France. The runway is to be built across the river and will have numerous fashion icons walking on it. The purpose of the event is to assure the customer of accessibility in the fashion industry and also to expose the newest fashion ideas to the public. L’Oreal is celebrating and accepting all types of beauty around the world. The event broadcasts beauty in women and encourages women to accept who they are as a person. Diversity is the key factor in this event. Famous and popular people in the fashion world were present at the event to make their contribution to beauty diversity be known. They were all in favour of L’Oreal’s aim in the fashion industry.

The event brought a whole new meaning to fashion. L’Oreal is working towards having a global market. The company is trying to ensure that people all over the world have access to beauty products. A variety of makeup and hair looks are going to be showcased at the event. The looks have all been created by L’Oreal’s own makeup artist and hair stylist. Many fashion ideas will be presented at the show including the latest clothing, jewellery, shoes, makeup ideas, and the latest hair trends. The show major event and was watched in several countries. Plenty of people were live at the event, and one could easily see what was going on due to the use of screens. Nicolas Kraft has made a huge contribution in L’Oreal by coming up with great fashion ideas and supporting the organization in its endeavours. Nicolas has invested in partnerships between the institution and other business establishment enabling them to expand their business. L’Oreal products are globally known and used.