Online Classroom Experience that Brings Tutoring Close to your Child

Class Dojo is a global Application that has tapped the Market overwhelmingly with over 85,000 Schools in the USA and over 180 Schools worldwide, focusing on the 8th-grade level. Class Dojo targets to reach more tutors and parents through supplying and marketing the App in schools that have drawn interest to prominent investors like GSV, Reach Capital, and Signal Fire. Class Dojo ensures safety for their users in that the privacy is only limited to the user.
Hermant Taneja is the Managing Director and the CEO of Class Dojo, who pioneered the Apps that initially started as a Simple Platform meant to heighten behavioral standards among students. Later it transformed into an educational platform.The App includes many features that offer effective interaction like animated videos, interactive lessons that make student engaged, and discussions that present real class atmosphere. Apart from this features, the platform enables to accessible information that could otherwise be afforded by visiting the school. These services include paying tuition via the App.
Class Dojo Compels teachers to use video streaming and representation to pass current class moments. ClassDojo offers the room for sending pictures and video on class proceedings. This App also helps in creating a climate of culture between students, teachers, and Parents as it started with a mission to improve behavioral character. Through the online interaction, parents were moved with how informative is the Class Dojo, and the interest was shown by the students in using the platform. In Comparison to other companies that are offering the same services like Kickboard, Fresh Grade, Remind, and Nearpod, Class Dojo is leading regarding market share especially in the United States and extending its reception to other countries worldwide.
Regarding Communication, Class Dojo is active with outlined structures within the platform that allow all the stakeholders to have a common place aimed at achieving the desired objectives. Class Dojo updates all the school activities during the day or within a period to make Parents aware on the ongoing of the curricula than waiting to get information at the end of Semester. Parents meetings and gatherings are done on the platform than being invited at school. This best explains the need for massive investment in the App for parents and the learning Institutions.
Class Dojo was founded in the year 2001 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don being the high-tech App. The effort behind the successful venture is the wealth of experience and dedicated staff in offering education solution that has seen the company gather over $12, Million.


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