The very idea of investing in the stock market can be overwhelming. Although there are many systems out there for newcomers, choosing one seems like a large undertaking on its own. That is without factoring in all the time one would have to set aside to learn it. Or even the initial investment in stocks. […]

Netpicks Trading strategies

Today’s markets can be unpredictable; this has driven investors to be a bit nervous and hesitant when it comes to investing. Some time ago, investors believed the demand to be unrelenting and unstoppable; however, this attitude changed when the technology-sector selloff that took place earlier in June 2017. The selloff changed the sentiment on Wall […]

Why Netpicks Focuses on Forex

As many investors and traders know, there are tons of markets out there. However, Netpicks focuses a lot on Forex. There are a ton of reasons for the focus to be on this market. One of the reasons is that Forex is one of the fastest growing markets for investors. Another reason is that Forex […]

NetPicks and its Quest to Help People to Succeed in Trading

The foreign exchange market, popularly referred to as “forex,” is rapidly surpassing other financial markets regarding growth and size. Investors are increasingly shifting their investment interests in the purchase and sale of currencies. The role of the forex market is to provide a platform for people to exchange one type of government-issued currency with the […]

Fabletics Embracing Physical Stores While Other Brands are Moving to Selling Exclusively through E-Commerce Sites

Digital Age consumers defy the American fashion industry’s traditional knowledge of buyers. Brands are grappling with the consumer behavior of our time. Amazon seems to know what resonates well with modern consumers as the e-commerce giant currently controls over 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce industry. In fact, Amazon’s dominance scares off enterprises that are […]