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When people are looking to make a lot of money, they go into trading. The trading industry is fast-paced and exciting. It can also be very frustrating and confusing, especially if a person is starting to trade in the foreign sector. This sector is also talked about as Forex. Forex is what a person will […]

How the Netpicks Coaching Team Is Different

Are you worrying about what is going to be during the choppy trading season? Do not worry. There are many proactive strategies you can take to have more success during the choppy seasons. These strategies have been designed not for long term gains, but specifically for the choppy seasons. They are tried and tested, and […]

Trading Strategies Provided By Netpicks

The technology sector has seen a significant selloff this month. The trend is worrying as most investors had predicted that the tech industry was heading for a significant boom. What this led to was the unplanned buying of stocks associated with the tech industry. As of now, many investors are trying to understand what might […]