Plan to Infiltrate Open Society Foundation Hits a Snug

An effort by the infamous conservative activist, James O’Keefe to sabotage Open Society Foundation owned by the billionaire George Soros have been exposed after he failed to hang a phone call he made to a representative of the organization. The exposure came when the activist was recorded after calling Geraghty, a representative of Open Society Foundation with a fake name. O’Keefe identified himself as ‘Victor Kesh’ and left a message but after that, he failed to hang up his phone and was overheard telling someone about how he planned to infiltrate OSF.

O’Keefe choice of imposing himself as a Hungarian was because he knew that George Soros was a Hungarian refugee. He began by expressing his interest in supporting the organization in its activities, particularly in Europe. At the end of the conversation though, he was overheard telling someone not to talk until he had hanged up his call.

Raw Story reports that O’Keefe was overheard telling an unidentified person about his plan to have someone who would make a hundred such calls. He also talked about his intentions to create a LinkedIn page bearing the name ‘Geraghty’ as a way of digging deeper into the organization.
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However, Geraghty, who got frightened by the conversation forwarded the voicemail to the Chief Executive Officer of Open Society Foundation, Chris Stone who addressed the situation as soon as possible saying that even though the plans were amateurish, he didn’t find anything funny about it. Chris Stone said that the plot was a dirty trick against an organization that fought for human rights and transparency.

About Open Society Foundation

OSF is a network of partners, foundations and initiatives spread across more than 100 countries. The organization is owned by the billionaire investor George Soros. The role of the foundation is to uphold the idea of an open society where the government is accountable, human rights are protected and respected and no one has the monopoly of truth.

The idea of Open Society Foundation began earlier in 1979 when George Soros initially began philanthropy work by helping the South African during the Apartheid period, acquire scholarships for their education. Thereafter in 1980, Soros helped eliminate communism in the Eastern Bloc as well as supported cultural exchanges with the West.

After 1989, Soros established Central European University to stimulate critical thinking and after a few years, he expanded the organization to becoming OSF. Soros has continually expanded the network to Asia, Europe, United States and Africa and today, funds lawyers and paralegals to represent individuals unlawfully held in prisons and jails due to lack of legal representative.

About George Soros

George Soros is the CEO of Soros Fund Management. He is regarded as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’ following his massive profit of $1 billion during the Black Wednesday Crisis of United Kingdom. He is also a supporter of the liberal, progressive and political causes. He is ranked the 27th richest person in the world with a net worth of $23 billion. See: