Revelations from the Research Study Conducted by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies conducted a research study in 2016. The survey wanted to assess the impact and efficiency of their technology solutions. The firm received thousands of views and opinions from the prison guards, prisoners and from other agencies who rely on their powerful services and innovative products. Here’s a list of the positive contributions made possible by Securus Technologies, according to the survey:-


  • Corrupt jail officials got apprehended and charged with contraband distribution
  • Cartels supplying alcohol, weapons, and drugs to prisoners got arrested
  • It’s easier for authorities to conduct safe investigations inside the prisons
  • Investigators got useful case leads by listening to the calls by the inmates
  • Illegal assets, cash, and drugs were successfully intercepted
  • Inmates assisting with vital investigations remained anonymous hence no victimization from their peers


About Securus


Securus Technologies provides high-tech software solutions and products to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies in North America. Securus connects more than 1.2 million prisoners in over 3,400 facilities with their families and friends. The crime prevention company started operations in 1986.


Securus’ R&D


Besides serving prisons, the for-profit organization helps detectives and investigators patch up the missing links needed to solve criminal cases. The outlet also provides vital emergency response services in times of disasters. Securus has employed dozens of professionals to develop advanced crime prevention solutions. The inmate communications service provider has an incredibly well-funded R&D department. So far, the research team has attained 50 patents; 90 copyright issues to still in the works, according to the CEO Richard Smith.


Services Offered


Securus is fully compliant with the SAS 70 Sarbanes-Oxley act. Its headquarters are in Dallas, TX and it has branch offices in Atlanta, GA, Allen, TX and Carrollton, TX. Creating a Securus account is easy and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to start using the phone services, jail voicemail, Emails and money transfer services by Securus Technologies.