Rick Shinto: An Influential Leader of InnovaCare Health Group

Richard “Rick” Shinto is the president and the chief executive officer of the InnovaCare Health Group. His primary focus is to transform his company into the leading healthcare provider in the United States. He dedicates his daily mantra to improving the company for the better, and he would occasionally speak to the patients regarding their experience with his company. The InnovaCare Health Group provides quality health care and medical services to their clients, regardless of their age. This is possible through the professionals that they are hiring to work with them. Rick Shinto also makes sure that the professional working for him is given the best compensation so that they could provide only the best services for the patients.


Since the company’s establishment, the InnovaCare Health Group managed to gain more partners, especially in the Puerto Rican territory. Rick Shinto wanted to make sure that their new partners are informed about the core values being protected by the company, and he ordered that the employees working for their partner companies should be subjected to additional pieces of training if necessary. The protection of their patients is one of the priorities of the company, and Rick Shinto does not want any issues to happen between the company, its subsidiaries, and the patients who are rooting for the InnovaCare Health Group to provide them with the services that they need.


Because of the excellent care that the patients are receiving inside the facility, more people are coming into the central office of the InnovaCare Health Group and asking for their services. The word of mouth advertising helped Rick Shinto because he does not need to pay for expensive airtime to promote his business. The people that they assisted in the past are the ones helping them out, and he thanked their loyal clients who keep on taking in more people to be served by his company. Hundreds of patients are visiting the facility every week, and they end up giving Rick Shinto and his company a 90% passing rate. This high remark for his company’s services is a testament to the quality of the service that they provide.


Rick Shinto is a professional that is loved by his clients. His passion in providing healthcare to the public resulted to the success of his company. He also pointed out that in the healthcare giving industry, one needs to have compassion and empathy towards their patients.