Rocketship Education Is Changing The System

The first Rocketship Education was opened in a church around a decade ago in San Jose, California and the organization has been growing ever since. They have learned a lot about the education system since they first opened and are always looking to learn more in order to better serve their students. Here are just some of the things that they have learned and hope to share with the world.

In order for the education system to change, the experts at Rocketship Education believe that there needs to be more demand for it. While people often say that they are not happy with the current system, they don’t tend to do much to try to change it. Rocketship Education is there to meet the demands that many parents had for a better option for schooling in their area. Currently, Rocketship Education focuses only on elementary education instead of trying to overhaul the entire public school system. While they may wonder about what will become of their students after they leave their schools, they know that they have supplied them with the right tools while they are there.

Rocketship Education also knows how important it is for parents to be involved with their children’s education. While their educators do their best, education starts at home and everyone must work together to personalize the experience of the students in order to get the best results possible. They seek to change the dynamic that parents and educators. Read more on parent involvement in the system here

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006 in California. It is a non-profit organization that opens and runs charter institutions in many different areas that are disadvantaged educationally in order to give students and parents more options when it comes to their schooling and future. The approach of Rocketship Education uses a combination of technology-based learning and highly trained and educated staff that are dedicated to helping their students succeed. Within our lifetime, the non-profit organization hopes that the achievement gap will be eliminated completely so all children will have the same chances to succeed despite the schools in their area.

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