Rona Borre Has Built a Solid Staffing Company in Instant Alliance

Instant Alliance is the Chicago Staffing company that Rona Borre founded in 2001. It is an effort she began from a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo after she had quit her high-paying position with another global staffing company at the time.


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Today, Instant Alliance is one of the most rapidly growing companies of its kind in the country and show no signs of slowing down. The company specializes in the placement of financial and technological professionals because they are always in demand for companies who are growing and wish to successfully make it to the next level, read for more info.


Borre was the all-time sales leader for her former company, and she has been able to pass along many of her sales tips to her current account executives. The can utilize a tactic that has been very profitable, yet is not used by too many of her competitors. Follow this link.


Many staffing and recruiting companies make it a point to go through as many resumes as possible, yet Borre and her group use a different tactic. They make it a point to get to know the upper management of the client company as well as possible. This enables them to learn exactly what the client wants and needs in the way of new personnel.


Once this information is available, the correct candidate can be found and hired. The difference is like using a targeted bullet hitting the bullseye, as opposed to using a shotgun. The results are very accurate, and the client is very pleased.


Watch and learn a lot from Rona Borre.