Securus Offers Video Visitation to Inmates with Kids.

Staying connected to family is as important for children as it is for their parents, especially during crucial periods of development. Recently Securus Technologies, an inmate communications company, began offering the ability for video chat between inmates and their loved ones. This¬†new service is especially beneficial to those inmates with children because they can continue to have a presence in their children’s lives.


Being able to share memories or see a child’s first is a huge deal for all parents, but it is even more important to incarcerated parents that cannot physically bond with their children. Even brief moments that can be spent with children are important in the relationships of parent and child. Studies have shown that both children and parents that are separated by incarceration benefit from even the minimal amount of contact, especially when it can occur on a regular basis.


Securus technologies offers inmates and their families several ways of remaining in contact even though they are serving time in prison. Through secure communication services the company works with prison authorities, inmates, and family and friends of those that are serving time in order to create the best possible types of services, and at the best possible rates. As more and more tech becomes available, Securus is able to offer new services like video chat, just like you would use with anyone else that has access to these types of communications options.


 Securus provides services to centers around the country, and is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the United States. There are several different factors that go into providing these types of services to inmates, including security and inmate compliance, making the services provided by the company specialized and more advanced than what you would use for residential and commercial purposes. For this reason, thousands of individuals rely on the many reliable forms of communication and services that the company is able to provide them with, both adults and kids.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.