Securus Technologies exposes a wrong litigation approach by GTL

Securus Technologies is one of the biggest players in the correction sector, criminal justice, and the public safety field. The company has always strived to offer excellent services in the past. Recent information from a press release shows Securus Technologies releasing a press release on misconducts by GTL. Securus Technologies CEO went ahead to state that the company is going to release additional information that highlights multiple faults by GTL. Securus Technologies and GTL have worked in the correction facilities for many years now. While Securus centers its services on monitoring services, GTL focuses on communication in correction facilities. GTL has been in operation for more than eighteen years now. The company has however engaged in multiple misconducts that could damage its reputation.



Securus Technologies released information that indicate GTL’s malpractices. GTL has involved in overcharging its customers in various ways. The company tampered with its telephone devices making calls take longer than the call time. GTL went ahead to incorporate a software that charges higher call rates than the standard rates required by the law. Such kind of malpractices is entirely unacceptable and punishable by the law.

In a bid to defend itself, GTL has surprisingly taken a big chunk of the company’s money to engage in unsuccessful court battles. The company could have otherwise used that cash to get into more licenses. The kind of approach by GTL has been questionable as it steals millions of funds from taxpayers.


The whole information released by Securus Technologies is a showcase of the kind of greed present in Securus. GTL, on the other hand, has tried to get back to other companies because of its misconduct. The information submitted by Securus is a big shame on the extent of corruption in correction facilities. GTL is on the road to ruining its reputation unless it starts acting with complete integrity.