Stream Energy establishes Stream Cares Foundation

Philanthropy is becoming part and parcel of the American corporate sector. Companies are trying as much as possible to bring themselves closer to the customer by appealing to the emotions of the customer. Once customers feel that a company is part of the community, they are likely to uphold its good reputation. Many companies are now starting to create a department that deals explicitly with philanthropy. Many companies in the United States have been trying as much as possible to help the communities around them in times of crisis. It is also seen in the data collected by the government about donations that companies are making. It has been seen that the money that is going to philanthropy inside and outside the United States is increasing in billion every year.

One of the companies that have not been left behind when it comes to matters of philanthropy is called Stream Energy. This company sells energy around the United States, and it is based in Dallas. The company has been involved in community work in Texas on many occasions. One of the recent initiatives they took was to participate in the rescue missions that were going on in Houston after the area was affected by Hurricane Harvey which destroyed hundreds of homes in the region. The company was among the first businesses to offer support. Stream Energy is a company that has been doing a great work of helping the people in times of need.

Stream Energy has now “Stream Cares” Foundation. This foundation is going to deal with matters of philanthropy exclusively. This departed will be responding to needy cases in the community and offering support where necessary. Stream Energy has been doing a great job of ensuring that homeless children are given food, clothing among other things to live a better life. Stream Energy has a commitment to their customers that they will support them even when the matter is not business related. The company realizes the benefits of supporting the customers all, the time. Under the new foundation, more changes are expected to take place, and more needy cases will benefit from the operations of the company.