Stream Energy is a New Affordable Kind of Energy

In 2005, a company in Texas found a better kind of energy without the use of coal. It started advertising by word of mouth saving thousands of dollars on advertisement costs. Since Stream Energy started in 2005, it started as a local company to nationwide and now it has grown internationally.


Before 2001, the energy companies were using a public utility to regulate costs. Throughout Texas, citizens depended on a single local provider for their energy and rural areas relied on investor-owned utilities or electric co-ops. Both investor-owned and co-op companies controlled all of the energy processes throughout Texas.

In 2001, lawmakers in Texas passed a bill that would deregulate energy in Texas’s energy infrastructure. The state of Texas changed energy companies into a more competitive marketplace. This competition would reduce energy costs to all the people throughout the state of Texas.


The energy companies that deregulated energy no longer had control over the public utilities. Now newer and cleaner renewable energy companies, like Stream Energy have taken over the energy marketplace, giving Texans a more affordable option.


One way the energy infrastructure in Texas is making a difference to its citizens is they’re marketing directly to their clients giving them a better choice to cleaner and affordable energy. In 2005, when Stream Energy started, it has grown into an $8 billion industry making them the number one company nationwide.


Today, people throughout the state of Texas are using cleaner, renewable energy as to what they used to use in the past. There are three kinds of renewable energy: solar, wind and natural gas (SaveOnEnergy). In September 2016, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)Market is giving 90% of the citizens of Texas better, cleaner and affordable energy than in the past. Since Stream Energy started, people started to see a decrease in their electrical costs.


From 2008-2015, there was a 70% decline in natural gas, wind power showed a 58% decrease from 2009-2014, and solar power, the most expensive, showed a 26% decrease in 2009.


As technology advances, people will have better choices of energy that is cheaper and better to run.

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