Talk Fusion: The Next Step In Communications Has Finally Launched

For many years email has remained largely the same. Not too long ago CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina had the plan to embed video right into the email itself. The rest will be history now that the official launch is up and running. What type of device do you own? Doesn’t matter. Talk Fusion is compatible with it. This is one of the many benefits of the company’s technology and options in services. The way of future communications is clearly video based. It is a faster, better quality experience. Instead of reading a text, it’s HD quality video.

In just three months the web ranking for the company has risen over 30,000 positions in the Alexa ranking. The video communications platform is already gaining a lot of ground in the short amount of time since it’s legitimate launch date. This increase in popularity is happening all around the world. It is the logical next step in email communications if you stop and think about it. The leap in success is mainly due to a huge increase in data from visitor traffic and page views of the site. For the full scoop on this story from Business For Home, click the link here.

If you’ve never heard of the company, it has been in operation since 2007. Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, was informed by America Online that embedding a 10 second video into an email couldn’t be done. Reina knew that it could and kept working on his passion project. Now they’re 5-10 minutes. He worked on it with a tech wizard friend of his. Together they perfected the system and the result is Talk Fusion. You can upgrade to more emails per month and options as well.

If the current status is any indication of Talk Fusion’s future, things look very bright indeed. Trends indicate this being the common way to email soon enough.
Happy communicating.

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  1. The brand makes the system easy to use by offering more than 1,000 pre-made templates for your video emails. You can also create your own if you wish. It is going to be so tough for for as long as much as what others have comprehended over a long period of time too.

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