Thank God for Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit

I had to write you a letter of thanks. Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit saved my grandmother from getting sick. We just recently told her that her great-grandson was in jail. She got sick when she heard the news. I am her eldest granddaughter and my son is her eldest great-grandson. She lives in the south and decided she was coming, by train, to see him immediately. Some other family members live in her town and were able to help her get herself together enough to make the trip to our home. She wanted to go to the prison to see ‘her baby’. This was very stressful. Furthermore, we weren’t exactly sure how going to see him would affect her physically.She has never been even close to a prison facility, let alone inside one. She had no idea of the process of being able to visit an inmate these days. But we knew she was coming and we had to have a plan.


We expressed our concerns to some of the officers at the prison and was told about the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. We had never heard of it and was willing to try anything they had to offer. The more we learned about it, the more we wanted to give it a try. We applied and was approved. We even were able to have a video visit arranged before the big visit with Big Mama. When she arrived to our home, she was restless. All she talked about was her anticipation of going to see her great grandson in that jail cell. We let her calm down some and told her about the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. She didn’t really understand it all,but was willing to trust us. Big Mama assured us that if she wasn’t pleased, she was catching a cab the next morning to take her to see her baby for Christmas.


The Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit day finally came. We sat her in front of our desktop.At the appropriate time, she went live and our son went live. She could see him. She screamed and he cried like a baby. Then the smiles came. Then all you could hear was laughter and sounds of pure joy. Big Mama seemed to be very pleased with Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. We woke up the next morning to the smell of homemade biscuits and Christmas ham. Thank you Securus Technologies for all of your help.