The Acquisition of GovPayNet – A Great Move by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, the leader of public safety, investigation, correction, law enforcement and government payment service technology provisions has successfully managed to acquire a leading government credit and debit card processing company, GovPayNet (Government Payment Services). With this acquisition, Securus Technologies’ market position has increased by exceeding margins and has allowed the company to gain more territory in the process.


GovPayNet is endlessly known as a leading company in credit and debit card processing for government agencies. With the GovPayNet’s previous efforts, Securus has beneficially gained business with 2300 agencies in 35 states amongst the U.S., definitely a picture of information worth framing. With this acquisition, Securus was able to take market shares from other leading competitors.


With the aquisition of GovPayNet, Securus was able to reach staggering payment processing numbers. A yearly accomplishment of 40 million government payment transactions were recorded on a yearly bases. This is definitely an increase from last year and Securus’ CEO is absolutely in great zeal to have made such a winning decision to acquire GovPayNet.


In a recent interview, CEO and President of Securus, Robert E. Pickens expresses his appreciation for the acquisition, revealing his reason as to acquire the company, due to a 20+ year immaculate history of GovPayNet’s CEO and team and what they have dramatically accomplished over many dog-fighting years. Robert has always known, from the moment he began to research the company, that it would be a great acquisition in which Securus would become an even bigger success.


As the two has journeyed together as a team, success has been a factor. With a track record of astute business accomplishments over the years by the two individually, as it has been recognized by both CEOs of each, both GovPayNet and Securus Technologies, they are definitely set to continue with their industry leading progress and bring forth to the market great possibilities for the ever so advancing government of the U.S.A.