The Auto Business of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

CAOA is a large conglomerate of auto distribution and manufacturing in Brazil. The company was founded by former physician Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. In 1979, he founded the company and quickly built it from a small dealership to a large scale manufacture and distributor of three major vehicle brands. Today, Andrade is the Chair of the Board of Directors of CAOA. During the last four decades, the company has firmly established itself as the top manufacturer and distributor of automobiles in all of Brazil.

During the year of 1979, Carlos was looking to purchase a Ford Landau from a local Ford dealership. Unfortunately the dealership went bankrupt and was not able to sell him the vehicle he wanted. In order to receive compensation, Carlos offered to take over the dealership. Once he took over the dealership, he quickly built it into the top Ford distributor in Brazil. This would prompt him to expand his business in the upcoming years. By 1998, Carlos looked to acquire the rights of another vehicle brand. He began purchasing and selling Subaru vehicles. Like the Ford vehicles during the last thirteen years, the Subaru vehicles were among the top selling vehicles in the nation. At the end of the 1990’s, CAOA began selling Hyundai vehicles to the Brazilian public.

In 2007, Carlos looked to make his business into a manufacturer as well as a distributor of vehicles. He spent $600 million to open up a plant to manufacture Hyundai vehicles. This allowed his business to become the primary manufacturer of Hyundai vehicles in Latin America. The manufacturer would become the most productive in Brazil and made Carlos’ business even more successful. He would win a major Entrepreneur of the Year award for this accomplishment.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has firmly established himself as a leading entrepreneur in the auto industry. His business has become the most productive and successful auto manufacturing and selling company in all of Latin America. Today, his company still continues to produce vehicles of three major brands and sell them to the public. As a result of his accomplishments, Carlos has been able to receive recognition as one the top entrepreneurs in Brazil.