The Big Role Played By Jorge Moll In The Health And Business Industry.

Jorge Moll is the head of a research and teaching institute known as D’Or Sao Luiz. He led the second part of the activities of hospital management and trends in health sector he also leads 32 hospitals countrywide. Jorge started with a small network of examination institutions and finally to many hospitals of excellence (Scholar.Google). He discusses the importance of technology in care and treatment of patients.


Technological developments in the health sector precisely at Silicon Valley and its surrounding in the United States stirred progress and benefits within the health industry. Dr. Albert, the vice head of innovation got motivated by the Sutter Health’s patients knowledge which is the second largest network in the United States in healthcare. The company has used digital technology in dealing with patients. Due to this implementation, patients develop confidence in the institution and promote positive interactions between the doctor and the patients.


It is because the patients receive the attention they require from doctors saving them the time of paperwork since the information collected can be remotely structured and revised by the professionals after consultations hence facilitating better-quality of patient experience and fostering productivity of the industry.

Through smartphones, professionals can make online appointments as well as access the patient medical history. The technological innovations in Brazil can get achieved through embracing partnerships so that it spreads to many institutions of research, teaching, entrepreneurs and much more.


Jorge Moll also discussed the importance volunteer work towards health ( It involves helping others without expecting pay whereby one gets to interact with strangers which he says is beneficial to the mind and body. The act is beneficial to health since it does not require showing any impression or attitudes but gets accomplished with an open heart.


According to Jorge, experiments show that people who contribute to charity had the similar reward centers of their brain. Voluntary commitments in promoting the welfare of others and social activities get linked to a reduced danger of diseases like depression and heart problems as well as long life endurance. Volunteer work is medicine to the recipient as well as the volunteer.

Jorge concludes that doing something that makes you feel good with a quiet conscience during refection moments while relaxing triggers the effects which are helpful to health.

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