The NFL Draft Sparks Fantasy Alarm Excitement

There are certain events on the calendar that spark excitement for sports fans and one of those is the NFL draft that marks the moment football fans have been waiting for as the countdown to the new season officially begins. Once the rookies have been chosen by their new teams fantasy owners can take a few moments off setting their MLB lineup with Fantasy Alarm and instead take a look at which of the best prospects have been taken by each professional team and who will make an impact during the first weeks of the season and beyond.


There are certain aspects of the draft that remain the same no matter when an individual is drafted or to which team they move to; the leader of any team is usually the quarterback, but the number of top draft picks who go on to continued success in the NFL remains low with only the Panthers Cam Newton proving a prolonged success of recent generations. In 2017, a mixed reaction was given to the Chicago Bears choice of Mitchell Turbisky as the number two overall pick and top quarterback. The quarterback position can be made or broken depending on the weapons each has at their disposal and the Bears lack of top quality receivers and running backs makes this a difficult choice for any Fantasy Alarm NFL team owner to make in their personal draft.


It is often a safer choice for a fantasy team owner to take defensive players at the top of their draft in terms of rookies with both Cleveland and Washington adding top quality defensive players to their rosters that could make a significant impact from the first weeks of the 2017 season onward. It is often as important to look for teams who have failed to add significant quality to their teams as it is to identify who has been successful. Baltimore’s offense was seen as needing significant work during a draft process that saw the ravens draft solid defensive players at the expense of the offense, which should make it simpler for all fantasy team owners to draft Baltimore’s quarterback to their squad.