The Success of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an expert in marketing and is currently a retail and merchandising expert that not only handles the business side, but also carefully handles the marketing side of every single business. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee, Kenneth Goodgame has always sought after a career that combines marketing and business. In his long and dedicated career, Kenneth Goodgame has held many managerial and executive positions at renowned corporations. One of his most notable positions was at Home Depot where he served as the Senior Global Product Merchant. During his short time with Home Depot, Goodgame initiated as well as executed many deals to retail certain products. Some of the products that were sold during his time with home Depot included the Toro branded snow equipment as well as many John Deere brand named equipment. This in addition to his implemented rebates on power equipment were reasons that he helped this branch in Georgia grow to its fullest potential.

Some of his more recent positions have been at Ace Hardware Corporation. In the three years that he worked with Ace Hardware, he rose through the ranks and became the General Merchandising Manager. This job inspired Goodgame because the job combined what he loved about marketing with what he loved about business. During his time with Ace Hardware, he increased the revenue of the company. One of his techniques was to change the Craftsman program. This move changed the hand tool category of the chain and grew the overall revenue of the hand tool.

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly efficient Operations Management leader. Even if he does not specialize in what the business itself, Mr. Goodgame is able to guarantee any company that uses him with revenue. With innovative marketing and merchandising strategies, Kenneth Goodgame has truly helped many companies throughout his career. The goal of Kenneth Goodgame is to not only create an efficiently run corporation, but to also make sure that the corporation has involvement with the employment and takes care of every single individual who walks through the door no matter what business it is.