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The technology sector has seen a significant selloff this month. The trend is worrying as most investors had predicted that the tech industry was heading for a significant boom. What this led to was the unplanned buying of stocks associated with the tech industry. As of now, many investors are trying to understand what might have sparked the sudden selloff. There is panic on Wall Street as many of the traders here neither do know how long the selloff will last and if the current stock markets will see the prices of these stocks fall past their present values.

The is a shift in perception of investors and traders on the stock market. The change welcomes the choppy markets that will be seen throughout the summer months. However, for experienced traders, this particular type of environment during the low volume summer months is nothing new to them. Following the shift in investor sentiments, there is a high probability of experiencing the low volume summer months.

Knowing that such low volume trading months are inevitable, companies like Netpicks have formulated various strategies that enable their client’s profit from such choppy environments. A lot of traders who currently use these tactics are not aware of the fact that the design and formulation of these trading tactics were started in the year 2000.   For more trading tips, click this useful link.

One of the trading tactics developed and is a favorite amongst investors and stock traders is the Lock and Walk. It is true that this strategy has been working over the years and might continue to do so in the next coming years. Due to fluctuations and changes in the business environment, it is not guaranteed that the Lock and Walk tactic will work in the coming years.  Read an article about socially responsible investment on

Netpicks is one of the best trading partners in the market. Since its services are always exceptional, the company has been recognized to be the benchmark when it comes to the provision of trading education. The company was founded in 1996 and has grown significantly to become a globally recognized brand. Its headquarters is situated in Irving Texas.

The services the company provides including its trading systems are used to aid the success of traders while offering a diversified portfolio to trade on. Netpicks trading portfolio include Forex, Futures, Stocks, and EFTs.   For their recent news and timeline activities, hit

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