Visual Search Engines: Fast Results, Stimulated Economy

Have you ever saw a pair of sneakers on a website model that you wanted, and then attempted to comb the internet to find them? Of course, however, you had no such luck in finding them. With advancing technology, the ability to search the internet for something you know nothing about by simply uploading a photo is finally being made possible. This evolving technology is known as a visual search engine.

The way that these search engines work is quite simple, and requires a user to simply upload an image into a search engine. The engine then searches through the internet and generates all related results. People are using these engines to find clothing, buildings in foreign cities, and even information about uncommon animals. As long as you have a picture, you are able to find results. Essentially, this tool is allowing people to put a name to a face. Things once deemed impossible to find information on are easily found as a result of this technology.

At this point, minds usually wonder how these search engines are able to generate results with only a picture as a reference. The answer is with the utilization of Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). This is essentially a process in which similarities are matched to the original image after all characteristics are analyzed.

Now, of course, all technology should be thoroughly researched in order to establish which companies offer the best service. Slyce tops the industry with their technology that works well for both desktops and mobile devices. With a heavy focus on customer engagement, Slyce uses scanner technology that generates results quickly, easily, and accurately.

In sum, visual search engines have allowed internet users to obtain information that was once not possible to discover. The bigger picture is that this invention will be able to stimulate the economy by boosting sales for all sorts of retailers. Business just got a whole lot sweeter with this technological advancement.

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